At The Practice, we completely understand if you feel nervous before starting any surgical treatment. We do all we can to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you are at our practice. Our talented and experienced dentists will always talk through what to expect and will never hide anything from you. We believe in keeping an open dialogue and always keep you and any referring dentist in the loop.

What does treatment involve?

Initial consultation

If you want to have implants to restore missing teeth, the first step is to visit us for a consultation. During this, we will talk through the different steps of implant treatment and how long we expect the treatment will take. As implant treatment involves surgery, we will need to have intervals between appointments to allow your jaw to heal.


We will take x-rays and scans to assess the condition of the jaw point. Using the images and radiographs, we ascertain the best location for the implants to be placed. If we discover that your bone density isn’t sufficient for an implant, we will discuss potentially using a bone graft to replenish the tissue.


For any treatment that involves surgery, we use a local anaesthetic. If you are nervous about your treatment, we can arrange sedation. We place the implant in the jaw and will use stitches to protect the implant. It will take a few months for the implant to fully fuse. We will take x-rays to check on whether the implant has fused. We will then expose the top of the implant so we can prepare it for the restoration.


Whether you are having a crown or bridge fitted to the implant, we will wait for the gum to be completed healed before taking impressions. These impressions provide the dental lab with accurate measurement of the top of the implant as well as the surrounding teeth so they can make sure the replacement teeth match your natural teeth beautifully.

Once the restorations are created, we invite you back for the fitting.


Implants themselves will last as long as a natural tooth and just like natural teeth, they will last longer if kept clean of bacteria. A great oral care regime will be the foundation for making sure your implants last as long as they can.

During a dental examination, we will check on your implants.

How guided surgery works?



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