It’s easy to take a complete smile for granted. Having gaps in your smile can affect confidence and being overly conscious about the way you look is an added stress that no one needs in their lives.

Dental implants are titanium posts that act as artificial roots. They can be used to support a single crown for a single missing tooth, a bridge for multiple missing teeth and a full arch of dentures. Implants are secure, reliable and long-lasting – a natural-looking, permanent alternative to removable dentures.

Why have implants?


Implants act just like a natural tooth root. Titanium is accepted incredibly well by the body, which is why it’s used more complex surgery such as joint replacements. As the implant heals, the titanium post fuses to the jaw bone in a process called osseo-integration. The implant itself will then last just as long as a natural tooth root.

Secure and reliable

Implants are incredibly durable and can support a crown or a bridge, if more than one missing tooth needs to be replaced. The restorations that we fix on the implant are usually made from a combination of metal and porcelain, combining strength with aesthetics.

These look and act just like natural teeth. Unlike natural teeth, they aren’t susceptible to dental decay however good oral hygiene will help keep the gums and jaw supporting the implant as healthy as possible.

Improve self-confidence

Beneficial for your overall oral health

Having a missing tooth can start to impact the rest of your oral health. Without the root acting as a foundation, the jaw bone starts to degrade which can make a difference to your face shape. Implants prevent this from happening as they provide a much-needed foundation to your jaw.

Unlike bridges, there is no need to remove the enamel from the adjacent teeth.

Can I have implants?

Everyone can have implants but we will need to check that your jaw bone density is suitable. Implants depend on the integrity and structure of your jaw. In some cases of severe gum disease, the bone can recede and make it difficult for an implant to be placed properly.

When we consider you for implants, we take 3D x-rays and scans to fully assess your bone density is suitable. There are treatments available to replenish lost bone, but it takes time for new bone to be accepted by the body. Find out more here if a dental implant would be suitable for you.

If you want to have implants, visit us for a consultation and we can fully assess your suitability. We can help restore your confidence so you can smile again.

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