Achieve a stunning straight smile without anyone knowing that you’re having straightening treatment. Clear aligners are near invisible when worn, making them the ideal cosmetic choice for addressing any crooked teeth, gaps in your smile and bite problems.
Why have your teeth straightened?

Straightening any crooked teeth in your smile will leave you feeling much more confident. No more worrying about showing your teeth when you smile.

Overlapping teeth create areas that are hard to reach with conventional tooth cleaning, increasing the risk of conditions like gum disease. Straightening teeth makes it easier to protect your smile from bacteria.

Correcting bite issues prevents unnecessary tooth wear from where the bite surfaces aren’t meshing together properly. Having a good bite position also helps to prevent jaw problems.

Why choose clear aligners?

What’s involved in the treatment?

At The Practice Crawley, we have an intra-oral camera that captures 3D scans of your mouth. We can then plan your treatment at the chairside using special software, revealing how your smile will look at each step of the treatment.

Once you’re happy with how we envisage the end result, your scans are sent to the lab where your custom-aligners are printed.

When we receive your aligners, we see you again for the fitting. We’ll explain when to move onto the next set of aligners and how to keep your mouth as healthy as possible during your treatment.

The length of the treatment depends on your individual case. During your first appointment, we will be able to give you an estimate of your treatment length. Every mouth is different, and some patients tend to find that their teeth move more slowly.

At the end of the treatment, we will take impressions of your newly straightened teeth. These are used to create your retainer.

Why stop there?

Now that you have a beautifully straight smile, you can further enhance your look. At The Practice Crawley, we are beauty experts. We can create a bespoke smile makeover plan that combines the transformative power of straightening with tooth whitening or even with facial aesthetic treatment.

We’d love to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Plan your treatment now.